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L.capitan offers a graphic platform to all customers who communicate consciously and/or creatively by the means of printing. Therefore we aim for the highest possible degree of quality, service and durability. We establish a respectful and sincere relation with our clients and all our partners.


Every person and/or organisation who choses consciously for printing as a communication means.


Wherever we sail, our vision remains the same. Professionality in all senses of the word is our priority. From the first fibre of paper to the last drop of ink. Our ship doesn’t leave the harbour for less. Our passionate professionals benefit of all the latest technologies and master perfectly the old printing techniques.


L.capitan sails in clean waters. Our printers are no rookies but real professionals. Respect for the environment has become part of the soul of the company and you notice this as soon as you enter L capitan.

On a daily basis we search for environmental friendly products to realise our printing. We were the first in the Benelux to choose for paper with FSC®- or PEFC™-label. This means that our paper comes from sustainably managed forests. Our inks are biological. The machines are driven by energy coming from renewable sources (solar panels and heating pumps). The atelier is heated by the waste heat of our printing presses. And the few waste we have is sorted out and collected for recycling.  


The sheet offset printing companies Lannoo Print and Captains of Printing decided to join forces. In 2017 they launch their new name: L capitan. The baseline of this new name is following: the coprinting company.

L.capitan is both the combination and the new interpretation of (L)annoo + captain(s).

The new name symbolises the cooperation with each other. The baseline stands for the cooperation with our clients. El Capitan is Spanish for captain. A captain knows what he does and is capable to sail his ship in a correct and reliable way.

The management is composed by: Piet Germonprez, CEO and Francis Moeyaert, CFO.

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