Our Printacademy provides a bridge between theory and practice, between designers and printers.  

In our Academy we distinguish 3 possibilities:


Twice a year we organise a seminar at our offices in Ruddervoorde. Here we have a look at themes such as: how to deliver a correct PDF, foil printing, embossing, different binding methods, big format printing and so on. We would like to share our knowledge with you throughout this concept. All our customers are invited to these Academies.


The most beautiful books, brochures, commercial prints, … you will find them all in our Printlab. But even more: examples of digital printing, special binding methods, intaglio, laser cutting, … We open the doors of our library as a source of inspiration for you and you are more than welcome to have a look! You only have to make an appointment with us and drop by.  

Inhouse Academy

Those at the start of their graphic career often feel a little bit unsure when they meet with the different possibilities of papers and printing techniques. Therefore we offer a formation on measure of your company. This formation shows all different types of prints, ennoblement, image resolution, lacquers, paper, binding methods … We try to give you an overview on the different processes so you can learn what you are holding in your hands with the goal of achieving a perfect end result and knowing what details are important for us to discuss.

An extensive offer of illustrative material is always the key to these Academies. We make all printing processes visible by using concrete printing examples. 

Interested in one of our Academies? Please send an e-mail to and mention your company name, address and coordinates.  

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